Let's make knowledge organisation with stikifyi fun (again) — promised!

Fuse the convenience of notes apps with the professionalism of reference management into a unique digital experience.

Time for change

A better way to learn

You love to read textbooks to educate yourself? You always try to keep track of what you have learned? Time for the next level; let us turn notes into something useful.

  • Your personal mix

    Manage your notes without being limited. Our multi-dimensional categorisation enables you to filter all of your notes by topic and source — even beyond books. Your creativity is the only limit.

  • Experience magic

    Access your notes from all over the world and share your insights & lessons learned easily with others, thanks to the public-first approach. On top, real-time updates keep your notes in sync.

  • Share your joy

    Our vision is to revolutionise note-taking and joint knowledge sharing. To ensure that everyone can fully enjoy this experience, each subscription sponsors an additional one-year scholarship.

  • Driven by learning

    Are you an active student and would you like to have access to all of our exclusive features? Each annual subscription of another community member sponsors one student — simply apply.

Ready to take off?

It is easy as pie.